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Important Covid-related Guidelines and information:

The following precautions have been mandated by both the University of Illinois and State of Illinois to protect the musicians, staff, and event guests.


  1. There will be no more than 50 guests including the staff, musicians, and guests at the concert.

  2. Guests are required to pre-register online to reserve seats

  3. Hand sanitizer dispensers will be available throughout the venue.

  4. All musicians, guests, and staff agree to attend the event only if confident of their own good health with no prior COVID symptoms (click here to read COVID-related signs). Although not a requirement, all attendees are strongly encouraged to get COVID tested no more than 4 days prior to the event.

  5. If you are experiencing any COVID symptoms, we kindly ask you not to attend/participate in the event to ensure everyone’s safety. 

  6. We ask all attendees to abide by all health and safety protocols as dictated by State and Local officials, as well as the University of Illinois and the University Place Christian Church (the University Place Christian Church is currently following State of Illinois, Phase 4 safety guidelines for COVID). 

  7. All guests will be checking-in at the registration table in the lobby area. Upon arrival, guests, staff, and musicians are all required to wear a mask. The Sinfonia Executive Manager will confirm the name, phone, and email address of all attendees on the day of the event. This information will be kept on file for 30 days for contact tracing purposes only. 

  8. Sinfonia will be providing masks for those who do not have them at the event. (We will be enforcing mask requirement for all attendees, covering both nose and mouth)

  9. Guests will be spread out following the social distancing guidelines per household (i.e. 6 ft apart).

  10. String/piano musicians will be required to wear a mask during the entire performance.

  11. Wind musicians will be required to wear a mask at all time except when playing. The musicians will be spread at least 10 ft apart on the stage. From the stage to the first row of the audience will be at least 20 ft in distances to add extra safety.

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